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I-O Idaho to Oregon

I-O Idaho to Oregon

Idaho: ——————————————————————————————————————————

8 foot Woman Nez Perce County

Man eight feet tall, Nez Perce County

Lincoln County, Great Skull and a Gun

Washington County, Considerable Size

Blaine County, Very Large Skeleton

Clark County, Giant Stone Axe

Idaho County – Woman Skeleton 8.5′ – 9′ In Height

Lincoln County – Ten Feet Tall

Nez Pierce County – Measuring More Than 8 Feet

Lincoln County – 2x as Large Ancient Flintloch Rifle.

Idaho County – Prehistoric Giants

Idaho County – Race of Giants

Idaho County – More than 8 Feet in Height

Illinois: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Brown County Actual measurement 8′

Brown County – 8′ By Actual Measurement
Skeleton between 7 & 8 feet Dunleith, Illinois

A Race of Gigantic Stature Daviess, Illiinois

Man & Woman of 7′ Stature Mifflin County, Illinois

Skeletons of Greater Stature Logan County, Illinois

Skeleton . . . .more than 7 feet Pike County, Illinois

8 & 7 feet tall at least. Carthage Illinois

100’s of Giant Skeletons Found in Carthage

Hancock County – Unusual Size

Hancock County – 100’s of Skeletons of Unusual Size

Giant Skulls Found in Lake County, Illinois

A Man of Gigantic Stature Alton, Illinois

A trifle more than 8 feet in length Lake County, Illinois

Elongated Illinois Skull

Clair County, E. St Louis 7 foot skeleton

Giant skeletons unearthed

Giant Humans uncovered

Kanka kee’s Giant Six

Lemont County Over Seven Feet

Cook County seven feet four

Clair County – TALLER BY A HEAD

Clair County – Very Large Thigh Bones

Clair County – More Than Seven Feet

Fulton County – Giant Skulls & Giant False Teeth

Union County – The Skulls Are Very Large

Winnebago County – Only a Giant could Have Wielded It

Kane County – Seven Foot Skeleton

Red River Valley – Race of Giant natives

Adams County – Nearly Seven Feet

Indiana: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Armored Giants in South Bend

Allen County, A Giant Form

Bartholomew County Large Male Skeleton

Blackford County, 12 yr old Giant Teeth

Boone County A Monster Skeleton

Carroll County, Mighty Wild Child

Cass County Skeleton Extremely Large

Clark County Gigantic Stature

Clay County Gigantic Proportions

Crawford County Giant Ruins

Dearborn County 10 to 15 footers

Decatur County Gigantic Size

Dekalb County Half-Bushel Skull

A Race of Gigantic Proportions Delaware County, Indiana

Elkhart County 11 feet High

Fayette Co, 9 foot skeleton

Franklin County Skeleton of Prehistoric Giant

Fulton County Gigantic Indian

Grant County nine feet tall

Hamilton County 6 feet 6 inches

Harrison County Giant Ruins

Horned Giant from Henry County

Giant Bones found during Roadwork Henry County Indiana

Huntington County 8′ 2″

Jackson County, At Least 8 Feet Tall

Jay County Indiana Giants

Jennings 9′ skeleton

9 Foot Skeleton. Jennings County

Johnson County Extraordinary Dimensions

Near Knox seven or eight feet

Kosciusko County 6 Foot Nine

laGrange Skeletons 8′ Tall

Laporte County Race of Giants

Lawrence County Six and a half Feet

Madison County Giant, State Sale

Marion County huge skeleton

Montgomery County, 25 Giant Skeletons

Monroe County Large Man

Morgan County Powerful Skeleton

Noble County Remarkably Large

Owen County?

Huge Being Pike County, Indiana

Porter County seven foot 2 skeleton

Pulaski County Bones Very Large

Large Skeletons Randolph County, Indiana

Rush County Gigantic Man

Shelby County 9 foot skeleton

Starke County 7 or 8 Feet Tall

St. Joseph Co. Giant in Copper Armor

Sullivan County above Common Stature

Vermillion County Giant Stature, Giant Strength

Vigo County, Must have been a Giant

Wabash County Almost a Giant

Washington County 8 Feet in Height

Wayne County 8 footer

Whitley County Big Indian Creek

Larger Skulls State Park Henge Indiana

Giant Skeleton from mound

Strange metals and giant skeletons

Orange County? Persons of Great Size

Spencer County, Foremost Experts Admits

Iowa: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Measurement Seven Feet Six Inches Tall

7 Feet Six Inch Giant Iowa Skeleton

Giants from Iowa Mounds

The Giants of Floyd County, Iowa

8 Foot Iowa Giant


Black Hawk County Extraordinary

Gramercy Park Giants, 7 & 8 foot

7 feet 8 with copper implements

Des Moines County, 8 footer

Des Moines County – At Least Seven Feet Tall

Dubuque Gigantic Skull

Dickinson County Giant Warriors

Woodbury County – Giant Winnebago Indian

Harrison County – GIANT IN SIZE

Floyd County – Massively Strong Proportions

Sac County – Bones of a Large Indian

Kansas: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Giant Skeleton Found Lansing, Kansas

Reno County hips 2 feet in length

Erie County Giants 300 up to 12 feet tall

Pittsburgh Giant Tooth from Coal bed

Petrified Giant in Kansas

Burial Pit of 7 foot Salina Giants

Ford County – Large Petrified Leg Bone

Geary County – Of Unusual Size


 Greenup County 8 Footer

Mummy 8 Feet Tall. Bell County, Kentucky

Giants in Adair County

Extraordinary Skeletons found in Todd County Kentucky

A Giant Man wearing jewelry found in Simpson County Kentucky

Giant Race left Bones in Butler County, Kentucky

Bones very Large from Harlan County, Kentucky

Harlan Cave – 8-FOOT MAN

8 Foot Mummy – Fayette County

Bracken County 7 Foot Skeletons

Barren County, eight foot skeleton

Bracken County – 7 footers

Pike County Large Axe

Boone County, 5 Giant Skeletons

Boone County – Seven Feet Two Inches

Bourbon Kentucky – More Powerful Race of Men

Boyd County – Enormous Jaw Bone

Over 2k mummies – Edmonson County

Ohio County Gigantic skeleton

Ohio County – Over 10 feet high

Ohio County – Thigh Bone 42″

Adair County 31 Gigantic skeletons

Allen County – Very Large Human Bones

Fayette County 8 footer

Carollton 3 Gigantic Human Skeletons

Caroll County – Bones of Monstrous Size

Lyon County Giant Jawbone

Clark County 12 Footer

Clay County – Skeleton 8 1/2′

Bell County, Petrified Giant

Bell County – Man Eight Feet High

Trigg County 8′ & Rusted Tomahawk

Trigg County – Of Very Great Size

Jefferson County 9 footer

Jefferson County – 7 Feet in Height

Edmonson County – Mummies and Giant’s Bones

Fayette County – Gigantic Female

Fayette County – Eight Foot Giant

Fayette County – “Measured” 12 Feet

Hardin County – Thighbone Largest Ever Seen

Henderson County – 32′ Year 1107

Kenton County – Skeletons 7 Feet In Height

Lawrence County – Man of Large Size

Madison County – 8 Giant Skeletons

McCracken County Lost Lake Arrowhead

Mercer County – 8 Feet in Stature

Montgomery County – Gigantic Fossil Mummy

Mason County – Giant’s Tomb

Rock Castle County – Berea Tracks

Shelby County – 6’7″ in Life

Wayne County – seven footers/1 eight foot

Carter County – HUGE JAW BONE

Martin County – Massive Skull

Greenup County – Eight Feet In Height

Moffett McGill House – Above 7 Feet

Knox County – The Largest Indian Peace Pipes

Louisiana: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Large Skull from the Latro Mound, Louisiana

Franklin Parrish, Louisiana. 12 FOOT GIANTS

Larte Lake 7 Footers

Tangipahoa Giants

30 Foot Giant

Catahoula Parish County – More than 7 Feet

Tangipahoa Parish County – Giant Forms

Maine: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Stone-like Giants of MAINE, THE Ge-no’sqwa’

Monmouth seven and a half foot Skeleton

Giant Arrowheads

Peer Reviewed 8 footer

7 footer from Kennebunkport

Bath, magnificent specimens

Pasadena 8 footers

Swan Island Giants

Franklin County – Skeleton of Gigantic Size

Lincoln County – Measured 12 Feet Tall

Lincoln County – Indian Warrior 6’6″

Hancock County – Eight Feet High

Maryland: ——————————————————————————————————————————

8 feet tall Skeletons. Choptank River, Maryland

Antietam, Maryland Giant Skeleton

Antietam, 7 foot skeletons

7 foot tall Skeleton in Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland. the Amazon Mummy

9 Foot Male Mummy

Worcester County, Tremendous Stature

Fredrick County, Skeletons of Gigantic Size

Washington County – 5 Skeletons of Enormous Size

Washington County – Over Six Feet

Allegheny County – Giant Skeleton

Allegheny County – seven Feet with Enormous Teeth

Caroline County – 7 Feet 4 Inches Tall

Talbot County – Gigantic Skeletons Nearly Eight Feet Tall

Worcester County – Seven Foot Six

Worcestor County – Nearly Eight Feet Tall

Cecil County – Captain John Smith’s Giants


Middleboro Giant 7 Feet 8 Inches

Buzzard Bay Giant Skeleton

Newton Massachusetts double rows of teeth

Deerfield, Eight foot Monster

Martha’s Vineyard seven foot skeleton

Saugus skeleton, enormous proportions

Fort River, Hadley Seven Footer

Barnstable County – Cyclop Giant

Michigan: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Giant hand print from Copper harbor

Barry County – 22 Skeletons 7 to 8 Ft in Height

Large Skull. Branch County Michigan

Bones of Remarkable Size in a Fortress. Michigan

Lenawee County – Over Seven Feet Tall

Moutcalm County 11 foot giants

Moutcalm County Giants

Double Harpoon 52lb and 55lb

Ten foot nine and a half

Ontonagon county Gigantic Indian Skeleton

Jackson County Prehistoric Man 12 Feet

St Clair county, Large Indian

Cass County 9 feet tall

Clare County – 19.5″ femur, human female

Shiawasse County – At Least 10 Ft Tall

Midland Michigan – Two Giant Skeletons

Midland Michigan – Nine Feet Long

Genesee County – Giant Female Jawbone with 20 Teeth

Muskeegon County – A Gigantic Skeleton

Cass County – Doctor Confirms 11 Feet High


Warren County -10 Gigantic Skeletons -both sexes

Benton County -10’9″ Skeleton of Gigantic Proportions

Ramsey County – Bones of Giants

Beltrami County7′ female skeleton

Hennepin County – Hulk-size Ulna

Hennepin – Colossal Human Figure

 Winona County – 10′ and 9′ skeletons

Traverse County, Huge Skeleton

Murray County, Immense Skulls

36 inch thighbone found

Goodhue County, Gigantic Race

Goodhue County – Giant Axe

Goodhue County, Vasa – Gigantic Race

Goodhue County, Gigantic skeletons

Itasca County – Giant with an Ancient Gun

Houston County – Gigantic Skeletons

Filmore County Giant Skeletons

Otter Tail – A Giant Skeleton

Otter Tail, Battle Lake -Minnesota 8 Footer

Otter Tail County, Everts – Eight Feet Tall

Brown County C.O.C., Giant Shoeprint

Freeborn County – People of Large Stature

Anoka County Giant Skeletons in Cave

Wright co. Clearwater 7- 8 feet

Koochiching County – LARGE HUMAN SKELETON


Stearns County – Prodigious Size


Saint Louis County – Father and mother 9′ and and an infant 5′



Lake of the Woods – GIANT SKELETON



Carloads, war with Mound-builders

Mound-builders and the Swastika

Silver sword scabbards, Iron-knives, & Hebrew Inscriptions

The most abundance in Mound-builder relics

City of 20 million mound-builders

Game-changer, De Soto’s body

Gigantic proportions in Jackson County

Coahoma Indian Giant

Lee County – Giant Points

Adams County – 8′ Skeleton & Golden Buggy

Copiah County – Race of Giants

Union county – Above the ordinary size


Buchanan County – Human Skeleton of Gigantic Size

Clay County – Zelph’s Thigh Bone

St Louis Area – Very Large Thighbones & Mammoth-Size Jaw-bones

A Graveyard of Giants

Cook County, 7 Foot and Big Boned

12′ skeleton Barnard Mo.

Barnard 12′ Giant Skeleton

10 footer Monteseno Missouri

Weston Missouri’s gigantic frame

Skeleton with horns and tail

Very thick skull & bones, Richland

Rare Specimen 10 foot

Springfield 8 Giant Skeletons

Billy Harmon’s Giant confirmed

Ozark 7 Footer

Buchananon County more than 7 Feet

Buchanan County – 12 Foot Giant

St Louis, 9 Skeletons 7-8 Feet Tall

Malta Bend, Jawbone of Giant

Dunklin County six feet eight

Ozark County – 27″ femur

Johnson County – Extremely Large Size

Lafayette County – 10 Feet in Height

St. Louis County – 9 Skeletons 7-8 ‘ Tall

Morgan County – Four Skeletons of Giants

Cole County – At Least Ten Feet High

SE Missouri – Bones of Giants

Jackson County – Prehistoric Man 12 Feet Tall

Montana: ——————————————————————————————————————————

nine foot six, Helena

9 foot skeleton from Montana

Footless 7 footer Dillon

Chouteu County – 8 Footer

Large-size Skeleton with dinosaur?

Big Timber Nine Footer

A prehistoric baseball bat & 9 footer

The Petrified Giant of Montana

King Solomon’s Cave 9′ 7 1/2″

Butte Skeletons of Gigantic Stature

Belt Mountains 9’6″ Giant

Petrified Giant whose legs are 8 feet

Rushville Giant Human Tracks

Beaverhead County – 7 Feet Tall

Giants in a Montana Cave 1899

Gallatin County – Skeleton 8 Feet Nine Inches Long

Belt Mountains – 9 Feet Six

Montana Cave – 9′ Skeleton & Baseball Bat

Nebraska: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Brown County Giants

Junction City, Giant Skull & thigh bone

Valentine, Nebraska 7 foot Warrior

Nebraska Loess Man

Mound Builder Skull 

Gage County Giant Mummy

Nevada: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Lovelock Skull. Nevada

The Head of a Giant, Lovelock

The Finding of the Lovelock Caves

Lovelock – 7 1/2 Foot Indian

Two Giant Indian Skeletons

Winnemuca, Nevada 11 Feet in Height!

Humboldt County – Gigantic Human Being

Lovelock: 15 inch Sandals, 200 lb bowls!

Giant Sandals from Lovelock

Lovelock Nevada Giant Mummy

Giant Prints. Carson, Nevada

Recent Giant Tools Uncovered

Washoe County – Pyramid Lake, Skeletons and Footprints

Super-sized Jawbone

Petrified Giant found in ravine

Wellington Station’s Horned Skull

An Amazing photo EMERGES! Humboldt

Overton Giants from the Lost City

Pine Grove – Largest Human Remains Yet Discovered

Clark County – Bones of Giants

Clark County – “Newspapers Have Not Exaggerated!”

Clark County – 7′ Pueblo Chieftain 

Carson City – Gigantic Human Footprints

New England: ———————————————————————-

Edgartown Giant Jawbone

New Hampshire: ——————————————————————————————————————–

Merrimack County – 6′ 3 – double rows of teeth

Merrimack County – Giant Proportions

Sullivan County Giants

Mystery Hill Titans

Cheshire County Giants

Moltonborough Giant Skeleton

Skeleton of Giant Proportions

White Mountain Giants

Huge Indian at Walpole

Rockingham County 7Ft in Length

Merrimack County – Pond Brook – Large Skeleton Found

New Jersey: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Tuckerton Over 7 feet

7 & 8′ Skeletons Pleasantville, New Jersey

Exceedingly Large Skeletons Found Pleasantville, New Jersey

Harsimus County, New Jersey. Giant Skull

Hudson County – Eight Feet High

Trenton six 7 Foot Jerseymen

Vineland Skeleton of a Human Giant

Cape Skull & Jaw of Huge Dimensions

Gloucester county – Unusually Large Size


Essex County – Skeleton THIRTEEN FEET LONG

New Mexico: —————————————————————————————————————————-

Burial Ground 12′ S – Guadeloupe & Mesa Rico

Dona Ana County, 22″ footprints

San Miguel County – Mesa Rica Giant

San Miguel County – Skeletons of Giants

San Miguel – Monster Men

Mesa Rica, Giant confirmed

Rio Arriba County – A Giant Race

A Titan-size Giant

San Juan – Titan-size Skull

Torrence County – The Petrified Giant of Abo Pass

Santa Fe County – Bones of Gigantic Indians

Santa Fe – Giant Stone Axes

Sierra County – 19 FEET TALL!!!

New Mexico & CO – Giantess 7 1/2 Feet

Sandoval County – A Prehistoric Giant of Unusual Size

Dona Ana County – 100 Graves, Skeletons 8 Feet in Height

Mora County – Giant Remains Found

Luna County – Eight Feet in height

Bernalillo County – Elongated Skulls

New York: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Giant Skeletons at New York State

1/3 Larger Fort Hill, New York

More from Fort Hill New York

A Man of “GREAT” stature Jefferson County, New York

Bones of Unusual Size found in Harlem, New York

PETRiFIED GIANT. Lafayette, New York

Lakewood, New York. Giant size skeletons

Chataqua County – Man & Woman of Remarkable Size

New York Giants, Branchport Female Skeleton

Adams County Giant Mummies

Auburn County 8 foot skeleton

Randolph, NY 9′ IN HEIGHT

Lamar County – A Race Much Larger in Stature Than Ours


Staten Island 7’4″

Round Lake 7 footer

Big Boys from the Bronx

Green-point NY Giants

The case for the Controversial Cardiff Giant

5 Giants, one eleven feet tall

Brooklyn Giants

South Port Giant Skeletons

Shin bone of a New York Giant 

NY, NY Giant Skulls & Skeletons

Bluff Point Largest Skeletons Ever

Rensselaer County – Human Bones of Large Size

NY NY – Unusually Large Bones

Suffolk County – Between Eight and Nine Feet

Westchester County – Skeletons of Unusual Size

Chautauqua County – Skeleton of a Giant Man

Sullivan County – Gigantic Prehistoric Skeleton

North Carolina: ———————————————————————————————————————-

 Skeletons of Giants Found

Catawba County 8′ Mammoth Human

Bertie County 7 – 9 foot giants

Remains of 8 and 9 foot men

Caldwell County Great Size, Remarkable Skulls

Halifax County, Gigantic Proportions

Mecklenburg County – Large human Bones

Yancey County Giant Pipe

Cumberland County – Seven Feet High

Stanly County, 6’9 3/4″ Tar Heel Giant

Banks of the Yadkin – Large and Well-formed

North Dakota: ———————————————————————————————————————–

Morton County, over a thousand giants

Cass County, seven ft Skeleton

Acres of Giant Corpses

A Giant’s Heart found in Sterling, Burleigh County

Elysian Hills Burial Place of Giants

Morton County – Giant Race

Morton County – Bones of a Giant Race

Barnes County – Giant Skeletons

Ransom County – North Dakota

Grand Forks – Individuals of Great Size

Ohio: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Adams County Postcard Skeleton 7 feet

Allen County Giant Skeletal Remains

 Ashland County, Aboriginal Colossus

Mounds of Men of Gigantic Stature, Ashtabula County

Athens County two 7′ Giants

Auglaize County, Giant Skeletons

Belmont County, Twice as Large

Brown County, Giant Skeletons

Butler County, A Thigh like an Ox

Carroll County Big Foot Indian

Champaign County’s Unusually Large Giants

Chesterville Morrow County, Large Skull

Clark County, giant race with horns

Clinton County, A Giant’s Image

Clermont County, Unusually Large

Columbiana County Petrified Giant

Coshcocton County, More than 7′

 Cuyahoga Giant Footprint in solid Granite

Darke County, Skull of Remarkable Size

Defiance County, Teeth Large Size

Delaware County, Seven Feet Long

Erie County Giantess 7 foot 2 inch

Fairfield County Giant, with Ears

Fayette County, 8 Feet 9

Franklin County, A skull so Large

Fulton County. Large Men

Greene County, Close to Eight Feet

Guernsey County, Eight Footer

Hamilton County, Enormous Skeleton

Giant Skulls from Ohio, Huron County

Mass Grave of Giants in Hamilton County

Hancock County Giants

Harrison County, 8 feet minus two

Hardin County, Largest Human Bones

Giant Skeletons from Highland County, Ohio

Hocking County, Seven 1/2 Feet Tall

Giant in a vault, Jackson County

7 Feet Skeletons from Knox County

Giant In Proportions. Lake County

Lawrence County Large Man

5 Giants in Licking County

5 Nine Foot Giants Licking

Logan County, Nearly 7 Feet

Lorain County, Twice as Large

Lucus County 3 Giant Skeletons

Madison County, Extraordinary Size

Kennewick Man. Marion County, Ohio Skull

Mahoning County Extremely Large Skeleton

Mercer County, Indian Giant

Muskingum Giant Race Remains

Medina County, Large Stature

Meigs County, Very Large Man

8′ 1/2″ skeleton, Miami Valley

Miami County, Measured Eight Feet

Montgomery County 9 footer

Monroe County, 8′ and 5 inches

Morgan County, Very Large Skull

Noble County, Eight Feet

Ottawa County, Bay Island 8′

Ottawa County, Kelly Island Large Race

Paulding County 10 footer

Pike County, 9 Feet and Over

Pickaway County, Large Human Skeleton

Preble County Extra-Ordinary Large

Preble County – One was of a Giant

Portage County Rage of Gigantic Beings

39 lb Hand-Axe Found in Ross County

Ross County Ohio 8′ giant

Ross County Two Armored Giants

Ross, Superior Strength

Richland County’s Gigantic Race

The Saint Lawrence Valley Skull

Saint Mary’s ?

Sandusky County, Very Large Beings

Seneca County, Large Skeleton

Scioto County? Of All Sizes

Akron, Summit County, Ohio Skeletons

Shelby County, Giant Bones

Tuskarawas County, Ancient Giants

Union County, Massive Skeletons

 Vinton County A Gigantic Skeleton

Warren County 7′ 5″ Female Skeleton

Washington County 7′ Skeleton

Wayne County, Wooster Giant

Williams County, Very Large Skeleton

Wood County 8 foot skeleton

Wyandott County 7 Foot Skeleton

Jefferson County, Giants Remain

Crawford, Large Indian Deteriorated.

Gallia County

Geauga Race of Giants All Sizes

Henry County

Holmes County

Morrow County

Perry County

Putnam County

Stark County

Trumball County

Van Wert County

White County 9 footer

Shiawassee County, Giants in Cemetery

Oklahoma: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. Giant Indians

Braden, 9 feet tall Indians found in Mound

8 foot skeleton Luthor, Oklahoma

Osage Giant Indians

Norman Oklahoma 6 Skeletons over Seven Feet Tall

Garfield County – Mummy Nine Feet Tall

Oregon: ——————————————————————————————————————————

Coos County – 16″ Human footprint

Coos Bay – 7 Ft Tall – Gigantic Stature

Salem skull 25 inch circumference

Lincoln City, Oregon 8 foot Black Giant

Klamath Falls 12 Giant Indians

Gladstone Oregon Giant

Skeleton with horns shipped to Smithsonian

Curry County 8 footer

Pendleton, Petrified Giant Foot

Albany, Race of Great Size and Strength

Grant County 7 Foot Wildman 

Lake County – Skeleton Eight Feet High

Crook County – Horned Skull, Huge Teeth & Backbone

Multnomah County – Skeleton of a Giant

Clackamas County – More than 7′ Tall

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