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Auglaize County, Giant Skeletons


ST. MARYS, Ohio, Aug. 27.-The skeleton remains of a giant human were excavated by a dredge near Lake St. Mary’s east bank. The weight of the thigh bone is such that professional evidence was necessary to establish its human origin.

Auglaize County, Giant Skeletons

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The Skeletal Remains of a Giant Human, Research done by Rephaim23

2) The Sun (NY) 18 May 1890, pg 15 from Cinncinati Times Star. A Gigantic Skull, . . . The thigh Bones Measured 3 feet 2 inches. . . A Huge Stone Axe weighing 26 Pounds. The Whole Skeleton measured 8 Feet 11 inches in height.

3) American Antiquarian, Volume 13, 1890. The thigh bones measured 3 feet 2 inches long. eight feet eleven and one half inches in height.

4) Wessington Springs herald., July 04, 1890, Image 5