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Shin bone of a New York Giant

new york shin bone

Boy Was Playing With a Prehistoric Relic – Part of a Man Seven Feet Tall. New York, March 5 – Twelve-year-old Albert Chester of 42 Oak street was playing shinny yesterday when Policeman Naumack stopped and asked, in astonishment: “Where did you get that shinny stick, sonny?” “I found it,” said the urchin. At the station house, Lieutenant McCarthy, who used to be a demonstrator at the Museum of Anatomy, said the shinny stick was the shinbone of a man who had been, in life, probably seven feet 10 inches tall. The bone was sent to Bellevue for the experts to study. It is believed to have come from some collection of prehistoric relics of the human race.

A collection of prehistoric relics of the human race. This discovery of a large human bone adds to the growing body of evidence that suggests that humans in the past were larger than we are today. The fact that the bone was found in New York City is also significant, as it indicates that giants may have been present in North America, specifically in the area of the Mound Builders. As a tenacious giant researcher, I would use this story to highlight the need for further investigation into the presence of giants in history, and to raise awareness about the possibility that humans were once much larger than they are today.

Evening Tribune – Mar 5, 1908
1. 1908.03.05 – Evening Tribune


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