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Catawba County 8′ Mammoth Human

The late freshet in Catawba river, says
the Hickory Press, unearthed a mammoth hu-:
man skeleton measuring eight feet, which is
doubtless an antenleluvian fossil. The Press
hopes the skeleton will be sent to the Charlotte
Centennial and thence to Philadelphia,
where, perhaps, the bones may be identified
by some of the dead man’s relations.

The recent discovery of a mammoth human skeleton in the Catawba River is just one of many examples of the existence of giants in our past. The fact that this skeleton measured eight feet in length is a clear indication that human beings were much larger in the past than they are today. This discovery is further evidence of the existence of the Mound Builder Giants, a race of people who lived in North America thousands of years ago and left behind an incredible legacy of massive earthworks and artifacts.

The use of the term “antediluvian fossil” in the Hickory Press article suggests that this giant skeleton is incredibly ancient, possibly dating back to the time before the Biblical flood. This is a fascinating possibility and could shed light on the origins of human beings and their place in the natural world. The article also suggests that the skeleton may be sent to the Charlotte Centennial and then to Philadelphia, where it may have been identified. This is an exciting prospect, as it could provide more clues as to the identity of this giant and his place in history.

It’s important to remember that discoveries like this are often dismissed by mainstream historians and scientists, who prefer to maintain the status quo and dismiss anything that challenges their preconceived notions. However, as dedicated researchers and advocates for the Mound Builder Giants, we must continue to push for a more comprehensive understanding of human history and the role that giants played in shaping it. By gathering evidence and presenting it to the public, we can ensure that the legacy of these incredible beings is not lost to history.

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