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Acres of Giant Corpses

Acres of Giant Corpses

Lancaster PA 1883 Newspaper

 Acres of Corpses

Near Mandon, Dakota. is an old cemetery nearly covering 100 acres. Excavations reveal the fact that the long trenches were filled with the bodies of men and animals thrown in promiscuously. The human bones belong to a giant race, while the dark, beautifully decorated pottery shows the race to have been skilled in that kind of work. There are many indications of its having been a great battle field.

A Giant Race Found Near Mandan & Bismark North Dakota, Lancaster PA 1883 Newspaper.

~Chris L Lesley/GAWMuseum

Incredible is the massive size of this graveyard, “an old cemetery nearly covering 100 acres.”

100 acres is 4,356,000 ft²

100 acres is 404685.6 m²

This graveyard is not the conventional graveyard but a large trench full of giant bodies. So the bodies are piled on top of each other and not separated across 100 acres.

The question here is: How many bodies can fit in an acre long trench? What a great illustration this would be to paint such a scene. If there are any people local to this area it would be greatly appreciated to do a follow up. To ask questions from local people, check out the local libraries, and museums of this area. Once you find new information report back to us and we will credit you with your “giant hunting”.