Greater Ancestors

World Museum

Museum Installations

Large Scenic Displays can be done Custom to any specification.

If you would like a “turn-key” manufacturer for your theme park or for museum installations like the Sperm-whale I sculpted in the above picture contact me at

This humpback whale and the Tiger-shark were sculpted by meas well. If you would like a large shark or whale sculpture I could do this at a reasonable price.

 . . . And my specialty!


I have information on the largest of each kind of animal n existence. If you want to see how mature and how they really looked then commission me to sculpt a display item for you.

Anything  is possible if my creativity has limits, I have yet to find them . I use a multitude of materials and will provide artwork as needed. If you would like mermaids, sea horses, dinosaurs, or something from a video game sculpted you can have it at a fair price.

50% up front is required.
Change orders are extra
Materials cost is extra
A guarantee on each product
Sometimes projected time and materials exceed what is quoted it is the nature of this business quoted prices do not refect final cost always.
Change orders or rework will be charged extra.
Travel costs will be added
This work is mostly in house
Shipping time for materials may vary greatly.
GAWM Store reserves the right to mold, reproduce, and display any item it creates.

The above items were sculpted  to a finished look by myself, there were other people that took part in these sculptures and were done while I was employed as a  worker, or general contractor.

 The photos come from the manager with permission to use.