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Elysian Hills Burial Place of Giants


North Dakota Workmen Make Important Discovery.

Forman, N.D., Sept. 17. – A valuable archaeological find was made in the Elysian hills, west of Forman by some workmen cutting down a small hill on a public highway. After removing about four feet from the surface of the hill several small
pieces of bones were thrown out by a shovel. On closer examination the hill was found to be an ancient mound or burial place of an extinct race of large stature. The bones taken out would indicate a body of seven and one-half feet high when living.

Highway workers in 1902 in North Dakota find one of more giant human skeletons in an artificial mound they thought was a hill. This fits the quote by President Lincoln that the mound builders were a race of giants.

Williston graphic., September 18, 1902, Image 1

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