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Billy Harman’s Giant confirmed by Jim Vieira

steelville missouriThe Giant of Puckett’s Cave

Human Skeleton Unearthed By Steelville Lad

Big thanks to the followup of this story.

This is one of the most interesting stories because of the follow-up findings.

Jim and Bill Vieira on the History Channel series “Search for the Lost Giants: A Photo, A Tooth, The Truth?” travel to Steelville and visit the archives there as well as the cave itself. Two great discoveries are made there, one being a tooth from an eight foot six Ozark giant found in a niche of the North wall by Bill Vieira with the assistance of Brad H’Doubler .

The other is a photo from the Steelville Ledger, found by JimVieira with the assistence of James Clary this is taking giant research to the next level, and is what is expected with all successful follow ups.

Both a photo and a tooth confirm there indeed was a giant, the veil is now lifted, this is a game changer with two strong corroborating

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During their quest they were able to find an old-timer who had is rib repaired by Doc Parker when he was younger. Jim and James talk to a descendant of the Billy



Harman, named Ed Harman. While reading Jim ind

icates thatpinocchio Doc Parker

received a letter of interest from the Smithsonian Institution from Washington D.C. and requested that “they ship the skeleton to Washington DC so as t

o be studied by the experts” Doctor Parker made shipment at the┬ábeginning of the week.

~Chris L Lesley

steelvilleResearch originally done by Rephaim23/Micah Ewers (the greatest giant human researcher on

the planet, and a human Encyclopaedia on Giants)

  • The New Age Magazine, March,1913. WHITE RIVER TRAIL, by Victor Schoffelmayer.

(more on this find later) Brad H’Doubler


A six foot man lying down beside an eight foot skeleton