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Mahoning County Extremely Large Skeleton

The county is named for an Indian word meaning “salt lick”.

May 6. – North Benton is the scene of an archaeological excavation being carried on by two Alliance men which may throw new light on the white man’s knowledge of the primitive Indian of 2,000 years ago. The pair Roy Saltman and Willis McGrath, both alliance maim carriers, are excavating the Indian mound which stands at the brow of the hill overlooking North Benton, just west of the village. The mound is yielding skeletons and relics believed to be of a tribe of prehistoric red men never before found this far north.

  1. Coshcocton Tribune August 25, 1946. Uncover Indian Relics in North Benton Mound North Benton. ‘an extremely large skeleton, . . . skeletons of great size, . . . his physical dimensions were startling. . . the chief was nearly seven feet tall.”
  2.  History of Noble County, Ohio. From the earliest days. . . Edited by Frank M. Martin 1904. pg 108.  Beaver Township.

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