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Newton Mass -Skulls with Double rows of teeth

Baptist Church Newton Mass. Five Indian skeletons and several ancient copper coins were turned up by laborers digging the cellar for the building. The jaw of one, which was in perfect preservation, with the full number of teeth, and double all around, was placed in the box which was sealed and deposited under the corner stone.”
The discovery of five Indian skeletons and several ancient copper coins in the cellar of the Baptist Church in Newton, Massachusetts, as reported in The History of Middlesex County, is a fascinating find. The perfect preservation of the jawbone, with the full number of teeth and double all around, is particularly noteworthy. This discovery highlights the importance of archaeological research and encourages us to keep an open mind as we continue to uncover the mysteries of our past. Further research into this find will undoubtedly advance our scientific knowledge of ancient civilizations and shed light on their way of life.
The History of Middlesex County Mass, 1880, pg. 243:
Jim Viera:
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