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Trigg County 8′ & Rusted Tomahawk

J. W. Marquess, oft Roaring Springs,
Trigg County, in making an excavation on
bis place, came across tome old Indian ,
graves, from one of which a human skelr
eton of giant dimensions was unearthed.
Tbe skeleton measured nearly eight feet
and was perfectly preserved, except the
feet were gone Every tooth was In the
large mouth. Burled with this skeleton
were a rusted tomahawk, a piece of pot
tery with a woman’s picturs on It Also a
copper coin five Inches In diameter, with
two circles, one containing twenty-eight
hieroglyphics, the other fifty-two.

The Big Sandy news., November 08, 1888, Image 1

The Hickman courier., November 09, 1888, Image 1



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