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Chris L Lesley, Owner of Greater Ancestors World Museum in Jacksonville, Florida.

Mr. Lesley is an artistic designer who speaks with authority on Creation from a designer’s perspective. He has introduced many artifacts and evidences to the Creation community, and has helped clarify the concept of greater ancestry by way of devolving processes.

“The debate of origins starts at design and not any particular scientific discipline,” he says. “One group follows the idea that there is a top-down designer – God. And another group follows the idea of a bottom-up designer – nature. You may have achieved government requirements for biology, geology, or paleontology, but when it comes to a source discussion of either Creation or Evolution, a designer, like myself, is the authority on that subject.”

Mr. Lesley is happy to speak on any creation/evolution topic, but specializes in the following:

  • The Top-down vs. Bottom-up Designer
  • Greater Technology
  • Greater Humans
  • Greater Animals
  • A Greater God than All Comic Book Heroes

All talks emphasize the infallibility of the Word of God with the goal of leading a lost world to salvation through Jesus Christ.

A presentation by Mr. Lesley at your gathering will require covering of boarding, meals, transportation costs and a love offering to help us continue this important and inspiring educational pursuit.

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