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King Solomon’s Cave 9′ 7 1/2″

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Some interesting discoveries have just been made in a cave called “King Solomon’s Cave,” Montana, United States, and an account of them is given by a correspondent of the Deer Lodge Independent, who formed one of a party of explorers of the cave in question.

After crawling through several narrow passages into “a most magnificent chamber,” the attention of the explorers was attracted by a massive shield made of copper, 57 inches in length, and 36 inches in width, leaning against the wall; about 10 feet beyond the shield, and eight from the floor, was a cavity in the wall.

One of the party, by aid of some stones, climbed up to this aperture with a light, but quickly descended in such a state of alarm that he was for some moments unable to explain that in the niche lay a petrified giant. The other explorers immediately climbed up to the aperture and gazed in.


As a giant, tenacious, and resolute researcher, I am deeply disappointed in the loss of the artifacts and knowledge that could have been gained from King Solomon’s Cave in Montana, United States. It seems that the way things were done in the past was just looting these cultures for personal gain under the authority of the scientific community.

While the initial article describes the discovery of a massive shield made of copper and a petrified giant, it raises questions about where the bones and artifacts went. Were they taken away by the explorers for personal gain or to be studied by the scientific community? If so, where are they now?

It is important to remember that these artifacts and bones are not just objects of curiosity, but they are also part of the history and culture of the people who created them. The scientific community has a responsibility to preserve and protect these artifacts for future generations to learn from and appreciate.

As a researcher, I would like to see more transparency and accountability in the way these discoveries are made and handled. It is crucial that we prioritize respect for the cultures and people involved, rather than personal gain or prestige. Only then can we truly appreciate the value of these discoveries and ensure that they are preserved for future generations.

There, sure enough, was the monster man, whose dimensions on measurement were found to be 9 feet 7 inches in length, 38 inches …

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