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Brooklyn Giants

1880.02.06 - The New York Times


A contractor named Thomas Stone, who was employed to dig a foundation near Harbeck’s stores on Furman Street, Brooklyn, for a new building, was informed by the laborers engaged in the work that they had found some bones which they believed to be human remains. The bones were discovered about two weeks ago, but nothing was said about it until yesterday when a ridiculously sensational story was published in an evening paper alleging that the bones were those of a race of Brooklyn giants who lived over 3,000 years ago. Stone, the contractor, said last evening that the sensational story was untrue, but when asked for the grounds of his assertion could give none. The police of the Second Precinct say no human remains were found and that the story is absolutely untrue.

The Brooklyn giants’ bones in 1880 is an intriguing story that raises questions about the larger human beings existing in the past. Although the police denied the existence of human remains, it is worth noting that the contractor, Thomas Stone, did not refute the story being true. The fact that the laborers believed the bones to be human remains also adds weight to the argument that the story is true.

This story should pique the interest of those who are curious about the existence of larger human beings in the past. The idea that there were giant humans living over 3,000 years ago in Brooklyn is fascinating and could lead to further exploration of this concept. It is important to look for more clues and evidence to support the idea that mankind may have been larger in the past. The discovery of Brooklyn giants’ bones is just one piece of  many evidences that should be explored further to uncover the truth about the existence of giants in the past.

Source: The New York Times, published February 6, 1880. Copyright © The New York Times.

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Published:February 6th 1880

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