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Mound Builder Skull

Mound Builder Skull


Omaha daily bee., November 16, 1913, PART ONE, Page 14-A, Image 14

Research done by Rephaim23

Some people ask, “Where are the bones” if they are skeptical. As a giantologist we ask something different, you see we have uncovered thousands of articles from every state, tens of thousands of them here in the states, and sometimes as much as from 26 sources for one repeated article. Also throughout history, we see photographs and bring those to the public, we replicate them based on the measurements when we can. So knowing there were giants, we ask something different, we ask “where are the bones?” Which is a very different question, with multiple lines of authenticity a trail is left, and that trail leads to academia. So we have a target to ask that question, and these photos should be sufficient for the skeptics asking about bones, but it only invalidates the skeptics asking, but it validates the giantologists… So while ignoring the skeptics, we ask where are the bones academia?

~Chris L Lesley / GAWMuseum