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Cass County Skeleton Extremely Large

Cass County was formed in 1828. It is named for Gen. Lewis Cass, 2nd Territorial Governor of Michigan and afterward U.S. Secretary of War. While hauling sand near Lake Cicott yesterday, Charles Milton, a farmer uncovered a skeleton that is thought to be that of an Indian. The bones were found deep in the sand and were well preserved.

The skeleton is very peculiar in many respects, being extremely in many respects, being extremely large. The bones of the arms and thighs are so large that the individual must have been at least six and a half feet in height. The jaw bone is almost twice as large as that of an ordinary person. One One peculiarity about the jaw is the fact that the teeth are double both in the front and back.

The sand pit where the bones were found is supposed to be an old Indian mound. Several arrow heads were excavated and other flint utensils were found. Among these was a peculiar shaped article supposed to have been a fish scaler. About two or three bushels of charcoal; was found along side the skeleton.

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