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Auburn County 8 foot skeleton

     A Giant Skeleton.-John White, while excavating with a party in Scipio, on Tuseday, exhumed the bones of two Indians. The location of the find is on the farm of Thomas Henry, just south of the farm of Thomas Henry, just south of the farm of E. P. Hoskins, Indian Fields road. The skeletons were first discovered, were entire, and in a sitting position.

Much care was taken in digging around them, to preserve them intact; but they tell apart in the removal. One of the skeletons were that of a giant measuring three feet across at the hips, and eight feet in stature. Its lower jaw was of immense proportions, and would easily span the head of any of the party engaged in the discovery. A number of the trinkets usually accompanying Indian remains were found with the bones.


Auburn County 8 foot skeleton

Weekly News and Democrat, Auburn NY May 30, 1878

Research done by Rephaim23

~Chris L Lesley / GAWMuseum



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