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Auburn County 8 foot skeleton

     A Giant Skeleton.-John White, while excavating with a party in Scipio, on Tuseday, exhumed the bones of two Indians. The location of the find is on the farm of Thomas Henry, just south of the farm of Thomas Henry, just south of the farm of E. P. Hoskins, Indian Fields road. The skeletons were first discovered, were entire, and in a sitting position.

Much care was taken in digging around them, to preserve them intact; but they tell apart in the removal. One of the skeletons were that of a giant measuring three feet across at the hips, and eight feet in stature. Its lower jaw was of immense proportions, and would easily span the head of any of the party engaged in the discovery. A number of the trinkets usually accompanying Indian remains were found with the bones.

This story of a giant skeleton discovered in Scipio provides yet another clue in the ongoing investigation into the existence of larger humans in the past. The size of the skeleton, measuring three feet across at the hips and eight feet in stature, is remarkable and suggests that humans may have been larger in the past than they are today. The immense size of the lower jaw, which could span the head of any of the party engaged in the discovery, further supports this theory.

The fact that the skeletons were found in a sitting position is also interesting, as it suggests a possible burial ritual or cultural tradition among the people who buried them. The trinkets found with the bones could also provide valuable insights into the culture and lifestyle of these ancient people.

Taken together with other discoveries of giant skeletons in the United States, such as the one in Cowan’s Corners, New York, this story strengthens the idea that humans were larger in the past. It challenges the traditional narrative that humans have always been the same size and may open up new avenues of research and inquiry into the origins of mankind.

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~Chris L Lesley / GAWMuseum