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Crook County – Horned Skull, Huge Teeth and Backbone


Prineville, Or., Apr. 6 – A discovery of a human skull with horns is reported from the Adkins ranch on McKay creek, some distance north of here. Thomas Adkins and an assistant delved down into a pile of rock which had evidently been piled up long ago as a species of cairn. Several feet down they are said to have disinterred a man’s skeleton with huge backbone joints. The skeleton lay amid rocks which had been built in after a rude fashion.

The skull was the most interesting portion, according to the story. The teeth were wide and large, and the jawbone very prominent. Horns projected from each side 1½ inches long. The skeleton is still on the Adkins ranch. – Oregonian.

We have an idea that Mr. Adkins has been trespassing upon the sacred precincts of someone’s family vault. We suggest that the Oregon Irrigation Congress investigate this and find out who has buried a prize shorthorn.

1. The Bend bulletin., April 10, 1903, Image 2

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