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Murray County, Immense Skulls

The Worthington advance., July 09, 1885, Image 1

Giant Skulls in Murray County

On Monday last while Mr. Taylor was engaged in digging a cellar on his
place near Bear Lake, 8 miles north­ west of here, he sudden iy caine upon
two or three human skulls of great size. They were probably those of In­dians, buried one or two hundred years ago, and judging from the immense size of the skulls, their possessors be­longed to a race or tribe now extinct.— Murray County
Slayton Gazette. Murray County.

Slayton,  has a total area of 1.96 square miles (5.08 km2), all of it land. So its a small area. It is notable that the skulls are descrobed as great and immense, it is most notable that the term “giant race” denoting the great number of giants believed to have been in the area.  Murray County. Hopefully  there are corresponding articles and more information to this local area, as there are no measurements in this newspaper article. If anyone is local to this area do the legwork, be a giant hunter and look for the answer there. If you do find additional information please report back here.


Chris L Lesley