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Carroll County BigFoot Indian

Here is one for the “Runt-hunters” I am adding these stories for others. Some Giant hunters attribute the BigFoot Stories to the Nephilim. A certain variation or type of Nephilim. It is probably no coincidence that there is a family in Mexico that has hair on their faces. Their family line goes back a long ways and their condition is attributed to a defective mutation. During the early settlers I believe they were seeing this tribe, and i also think that some of the native American stories were actually eyewitnesses of these tribes, the same as today. Charles Darwin himself claimed that one of them had double rows of teeth two on the top pallette and two on the bottom. As all things diminish in size over time, lets imagine in the past that people with this mutation were much taller, and were isolated from society without a language. Normal human beings with a mutation could very well be the stories of Indian campfires.

Here is a modern story from Carroll County.

i walked out of my mothers farm house i heard a deep howling sound coming from down by the calf penI returned to inside the house and explained to my mother that i heard the same noice decribed to me by my mothers boyfriend a few weeks earlier that he had heard then i left it was foggy out i was going down the hill right beside my mothers house i thought it was a telephone pole on the right side of the road it took off in front of my jeepit was brown and larger than i am and im six foot three inches and 240 lbs it ran across the road in 3 or 4 large steps it was very hairy and dark brownit didnt even look at me it just ran on 2 legs i also heard the whilstles sound last year coon hunting and thought it was a bird till i heard the exact same sound on a recording on the internet.

Notice that this isnt some monster, he is an Indian, that spoke, that drank, murdered and boasted about his bravery. So the question is why was he called a Big Foot Indian? Was he from a tribe of that name or was he an incredibly large man, i think the latter.

A noted Indian chief, named Captain Pipe was in this locality at the clearing up of Carroll-co, and although generally quite peaceable, he was fond of liquor, and would murder at times. When drunk he would boast of his bravery in this direction. In 1811 he suddenly disappeared. Sometime afterward an Indian skull and gun barrell were found on J. Dunlap’s farm on the bank of Pipe Run. Some human bones were also found there; and it was the popular belief that the neighborhood that these were the remains of Captain Pipe, who had been “removed” by a “pale face” in this vicinity.

Adam Poe, who had the fight with the Big Foot Indian, crossed this county form his home in Tuscarawas-co and staid all night near Morges, on his way to a Whig meeting at Massillon in 1840. There are men still living in this county who can relate to a full account of this man, Poe’s encounter with the Indian, as given by his own lips.

. . . And here is a bone for the Big Foot Believers: Carroll County.

On William Elder’s farm in Harrison-tp there is considerable of a waterfall, below which there was found a few years ago some bones of a deer, which had been split open, evidently for the purpose of extracting the fatty matter — as it is generally known that wild animals do not have much fat, except the marrow.


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