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Salem skull 25 inch circumference


SALEM, O.-Discovery of ancient skeletons and priceless relics in an Ind

ian mound at North Benton, northwest of Salem, by two Alliance, O., mall carriers, has brought hundreds of visitors to the scene and attracted the attention of expert archeologists. Salem skull

The two amateur archaeologists, Roy Saltsman and Willis Macgrath, made the excavation on the farm of John Malmsberry.

After examining the mound, Richard G. Morgan, state archeologist, declared that the work of the two Alliance men was the most important archeological discovery in this section of the state in recent years.

Morgan said that the remains were those of Hopewell Indians, who supposedly migrated to America across the Bering Straits long before the advent of the advent of the white man. He estimated the age of the findings at more than 2000 years old.

One skeleton uncovered was that of  man, apparently a chief, estimated to have been nearly seven feet tall, whose skull was 25 inches in circumference.

Other findings included flint arrows, the stones of three sacrificial alters, spear heads, flake knives and beautifully wrought objects of copper.

Seven feet tall, may not seem like such a big deal, it is estimated that if you were to dig up graves, it would take 2 million 300 thousand graves to find a seven footer. People were larger in the past. It would seem if you were dig up burial mounds you would find a seven footer on the first try.

  1. A 25 inch circumference skull, . . .wow, now that’s huge!
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