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Two Giant Indian Skeletons

Two Giant Indian Skeletons

Art Gallery
Plans Sunday
Double Feature
This Sunday » program at the
Nevada Art Gallerj, 643 Ralston
caves by Mrs Clara Beattv,
j executiv e_ secretary of the Is7ev ada
Historical society
Reno Kodaehrome clubs annual
fall color contest also will be show n
by A D Ciofut, jr, president of
the club
The program, winch starts at 2
Sunday afteinoon is open
to the public without chaige
Mrs Beatty, a native Ne\adan
and a graduate of the bmve’-sitv of
Nevada VM!! tell a numbei oi little-
know n facts about the Lov elock
caves and their discovery
Together with the lafe Dr
Jeanne Wier, Mrs Beattv has col
lected studied and catalogued the
huge store of literature specimens.
and historv of Nevada dating back
to the time the state was part ot
Utah territorj Mis Beattj is directoi
of the historical society s
museum in the itate building
The Lovelock caves weie discovered
about 1911 bv two men while
exploring guano deposits some 26
Mondav Feb 23 miles south of Lovelock neai the
old shoreline of Lahontan lake The
actual exploiation covered a span
of loals from 19U to 1924
The caves aip said to have been
the home of a i ace of giant Indians
dating back to the Stone* age, 01
about 2000 B C
Mrs Beattj will tell of the discovery of
the skeletons of giants in
the caves, togethe, with then stone 1 6 ‘ ! a n d bone implements
The kodachrome slides to be
shown by Mr Crofut are pait of
the entnes m the annual contest
submitted by amateur photographel
s fiom throughout the state.

lovelock giants, reno evening gazette1953-02-20 p8

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