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Greenup County 8 Footer

The Skeleton of a Giant.

Portsmouth, Ohio, September thirtieth. – The skeleton of a prehistoric giant has been exhumed in Kentucky, twelve miles below this city. The skeleton is 8 feet in height and four feet across the shoulders.

It is a very big deal to find an eight foot skeleton from the past and it cannot be taken lightly. There are only three people in the world that are 8 foot tall, that’s three people out of the whole planet, of 7 billion people. So when academia is expecting to find 3.5 feet half apes, an instead we find eight footers. It is not rare to find three 8 footers back to back to back or three in a row on these pages here at Greater Ancestors. An eight footer comes a dime a dozen, but to find one living in modern times, that is simply not the case.

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