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The Head of a Giant, Lovelock

The Head of a Giant Lovelock

“PTA Hears Review Giant Lovelock
Of Early Nevada
By Dr. Wier
Reno high school PTA held its
regular monthly meeting Fnda\
afternoon with Mrs. G H. Hansen
After the business meeting, Mr^
Hansen, in the absence of Mrs..
W. J. Harrison, program chairman,
introduced the speaker of the
afternoon, Dr. Jeanne Wier, founder
and secretary of the Nevada
State Historical Society, who addressed
the group on the topic. Giant Lovelock
“Early Days of Ne-.ada”
In her address Doctor Wie.
sketched events and persons of
note and adventure m the early
and colorful history of the state
Various articles selected from the
collections of the society were
shown. These included the head
of a “giant” from the Lovelock
cave early handcuffs, a picture 01
Hank Monk, famous stage driver,
a siher trowel from the Comstock
lode given to the building of the
state capitol and daguerreotype*
of Mr and Mrs. Steven Kmsej
pioneer settlers of Genoa.’
Doctor Wier also spoke of the
early Mormon settlements in Nevada
and displajed \arious household
utensils used by them nearh
century ago. Among the mantinpts
of the society’s collection1
•e the letter books of William
ewart. Nevada’s pioneer senator
nd statesman.
Throughout the talk Doctor
‘ier stressed the value of visual
ds in education and in this conection
exhibited a state flag once
vned by the late Senator Key
ittman. She also urged persons
3 loan or to present the societj
ith documents or objects of hisorical
interest and thereby aid
i acquainting Nevadans with earlife
and e\ents of the state’s
Musical features of the program
ere rendered by Wilton Hertz
pon his accordian. Hostesses for
he afternoon were the teachers
f the Reno High School who servd
refreshments from a beautiully
decorated table.”

The Head of a Giant, Lovelock

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