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Bones of Ancient Giant

oregon curry county1Bones of Ancient Giant: Amazing Discovery in Oregon of Great Interest to Anthropologists.

The discovery of the bones of a giant at Ellensburg is one of the most interesting anthropological finds made in the northwest, according to L. L. Maynard of the General Land Office who has just returned from Ellensburg. “I had the opportunity to view bones unearthed,” said he, “the skull, jawbone, thigh and other parts of the largest indicated a man, to my mind, of at least eight feet high. A man of his stature and frame would weigh fully 300 pounds at least. Now, this is one of the most remarkable prehistoric skulls ever studied. It is massive, with an enormous brain, while the forehead slopes back somewhat, not averaging the abrupt eminence of our present race. The breadth between the eyes and the deep, well-rounded space at the back of the head are convincing testimony of high intelligence for a primitive man. The cheekbones are not high like those of the Indian, nor has the head any tendency to the conical shape. I am convinced that this skull is of a prehistoric man who was one of a remarkable race or people who inhabited this part of America some time prior to the Indian control.

“The bones were uncovered fully 20 feet beneath the surface. There is the usual gravel formation on top, then conglomerate, a stratum of shale, and in a bed of concrete gravel beneath the shale were the bones of the giant and of a smaller person. The shale would indicate a great age, perhaps more than 1,000,000 years, for the deposit in which the skeleton was found. But this I deem impossible and presume that the bones were put beneath the shale by some other system of interment. I cannot think it possible that a being of the advanced stage indicated by this great skull could have existed at the period the shale was formed.” (Ore.) Telegram.

1. The Branford Opinion – 1913.01.24


Old Timer Must Have Been a Big Fellow


Covers of the earth at Ellensburg, one of the interesting anthropological sites in the Northwest, the Chief of the General Land Office, L. Sharp, returned to Ellensburg where he had an opportunity to view the jawbone, thigh bone and other parts of the skeleton indicated, to my mind, at least eight feet in height. A man of big stature and probably weighing 300 pounds at the time. The head is one of the largest I have ever seen in prehistoric times. It’s an enormous brain. While the…

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