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Very thick skull & bones, Richland

Very thick skull & bones, Richland

576733_169849163167460_1373972620_nBONES, RELICS OF PREHISTORIC MAN ARE FOUND Richland

Odd Skulls Believed 2,000 Years Old Discovered in Ozarks Cave.

Half way up a rugged bluff of the Ozarks, which tower above the Gasconade river about three miles from Richland, Mo., have been found evidence of a pre-historic civilization which aroused the interest of archaelologists of the Smithsonian Institute. Richland

About a year ago in a large cave which opens to the river, A. Steckle, the owner, who was enlarging it to make a report for tourists, uncovered three human skulls and a number of bones in addition to pottery and beads. The skulls are unusual in that they do not resemble Indian skulls, but have low receding foreheads, and very thick skull bones.  The teeth are llarge, sharp and well pre-smithsonianknowledge

served. The pants on firesmithsonianbones are un-covered in a bed of ashes directly below a large hole in the stone ceiling, evidently made by the action of fire. More than a foot of earth covered the ashes. Because of the earth, which apparently could have come there only through decomposition, it is believed the race lives 2,000 years or more ago.

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~Chris L Lesley/GAWMuseum