Greater Ancestors

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Special Needs: You can help

In order to see the plan through several items are needed to lay the groundwork for completing the museum and founding a Theme Park based on Giants. There are items needed to get there to enhance income, produce product, and reduce costs. These items are not random , someone may have these items and not have a specific need for them. Someone may not have these items and want to purchase them for the museum because of the availability. We promise to use these items to further the work of the museum and strengthen the promotion of the greatest scientific model available today: Greater Ancestry.


Land for a Theme Park

To succeed at the vision for Greater Ancestry we need enough land to compete with the major theme parks. Greater Ancestry lends itself to a theme park like no other idea, no idea is greater or bigger than Greater Ancestry and the possibilities are endless.   It’s an idea well worth the investment.

specialneeds002Touring Bus

To take Greater Ancestry on the road to key locations for mainly public speaking as well as working with other museums to trade items, replicate and bring new inventory to like minded people with an interest in retail and display. All interiors will be modified for these purposes and at cost from my brothers RV business Hummingbird Ridge RV. As he carries all parts and accessories these will be made available as needed.

specialneeds003Cnc Router

Why a cnc router?

When I worked at Scott signs I was trained to operate a cnc router, I quickly saw the capabilities of profit naking from this machine. I have kept ideas for product making and production increase to myself for the day that I have the opportunity to own one. The need for the cnc router is simply for retail and increased profit making on a scale that would support a fast growing theme park.

Fulfilled! Thanks to the research of my beautiful wife, she has acquired  two cnc routers for the immense amount of design work that is required for both a museum and theme park.

  • 54 inch full color printerspecialneeds004

This item delivers public advertising along the lines of posters (which are already a retail item), banners, and wraps etc. a 54 inch printer would make prints for artwork this machine. This printer could supply all of the large advertisements on demand. I am trained on this machine as I have worked with these large scale printers at 4 sign companies. I have been trained in 3 schools for graphic design as well so this is a familiar tool in which I am well informed of all its products, from Wallpaper to stickers. Currently owning my own gallery this item would be a formidable next step for a gallery and more.

specialneeds005Jewelry and display cases

Ideally a Jewelry store redesigning their store and buying all new display cases and donating their old cases would be best. Jewelry cases tend to be taller and narrow than department store cases and better suited for a museum display. Jewelry cases have tighter security, and storage. Jewelry cases have quality lighting usually, and thicker glass. Quality displays are highlighted  and give a more valuable look when quality display cases are used. It would take more money to purchase them one at a time and the overall décor would be tacky with a hodge podge of different styles. (even though that would be better than our current display cases) We would like to have a matching set for public viewing.

 specialneeds006Soft Drink and snack Machines

Greater Ancestry is looking at all available possibilities for income revenue.  Any item that would increase sales and provide a service with little maintenance would be ideal. Having something cold to drink is a comfort, especially in Florida being able to provide a basic need for others and increasing our profits we are better equipped to spend more money on the museum and theme park. A machine that is unplugged  and stored away does no one good, If you have a beverage, snack machine, bubble gum or any device that provides an income source it would serve the mission of Greater Ancestry.

specialneeds007Arcade Machines

 In the height of Jacksonville during the 20’s mumerous arcades existed musical penny arcades in which people would some out to the arcages and see these wonderous machines. I grew up in arcades and pool halls. From Pinball at the drive in theatre concession stand, to Asteroids at Kilroy’s Pizza to Mortal Combat at the arcade at Putt putt golf. We currently have no arcades downtown Jacksonville, they break people away from their lives for a moment. Arcades provide hours of entertainment, they increase traffic to locations and provide consistent flow of income. We currently have the space in the museum and in the Art Gallery for these machines. Traffic has increased at the gallery due to large companies moving in, the downtown walking tours stopping this location as well as Artwalk and word of mouth advertising.  We  believe that arcades would increase that traffic and increase income.

specialneeds008Vinyl cutter

Applications include vehicle graphics, signs, decals, labels, stencils, pinstriping, and paint protection film and logos. Keeping everything in house would provide the maximum amount of advertising and retail production without subcontracting these jobs which would dwindle the income for necessary items. Again I have worked with these products for years no training necessary, just plug and go.

 specialneeds009Screen printing machine

I have managed Screen Printing shops on my own.  I answered questions and helped with repairs when others were having problems operating the machinery. You could never have too many T-shirts and T-shirt styles available for Greater Ancestry. It would be nice to pick up something to remember the experience of the Museum. Clothing is a basic need as sure as advertising is a basic need.  I have worked with single, four, five and automatic 10 tier machines these machines make money for someone familiar and experienced in their operation.

Greater Ancestry is the greatest scientific model in the world, and devolution is its process. We would like to give this knowledge to the rest of the world and you can help.

thanks for your assistance,

~Chris L Lesley / GAWMuseum