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South Port Giant Skeletons

Giant Skeletons

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Giant Skeletons

Dug Up in Southport by Workmen.

Probably They Were Relics of Dead and Gone Residents But Many People Think That They Are the Remains of Pequot Indians.

Knoll overlooking the tranquil waters of Long Island Sound in the village of Southport, a most important discovery was made during the week. It was not the finding of another Klondike; and it was not the coming across for the first time of precious gems; it was simply the unearthing of a motley assortment of human bones that no doubt have laid there in peaceful repose for many centuries. The spot where the excavation is going on is known as Burial Hill, situated on a bluff of ground close to the shore.

Recently the land which is most advantageously situated for residential purposes was acquired by Kenneth Sooysmith from Austin Jennings of that place. The new owner told the former holder that it was his intentions to place upon the property a number of cozy cottages that he felt would meet with ready rental. But before he could realize his plans the workmen who were engaged in leveling a portion of the ground on the hill made the startling discovery of numerous human skeletons, some of them of gigantic size, deeply imbedded in the earth. There were skulls that seemed to have belonged to persons of immense size, and jawbones that might have been those of a horse.

Some of the bones were sent to New York city to be analyzed by experts. The old settlers are of the opinion that the skeletons are the remains of the early residents of that section of the town, while many of the younger ones are firm in their belief that they are the bones of a long lost tribe of Pequot Indians.

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