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Ten foot nine and a half

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GIOANIc S(Er.FJmoN.-A Midrignn paeIlr reI’orts the dioisovery of a .n?antio [nmln skuleton in Itr rook neatr the Sank Rapids. It nys:-” T~e hoand i massive, a i measures Sl~in, in droln” ferenco, is tow in the os fromti, aupd vety flat on trhe top. The eninr measurels 26in., and the flbu)l 2b~ill., while the body is equally long in Io portion. FPom the crownoftlhe head to tlhe solo of the fo lo, the length is IOtt hin.. The useaseire rounld the. ehest This giant must have weighed at, least 90lbs. when sovrered with a reIasoinble amount of flesh.. The isetrified rbiuinim ; and there is nbthlig left but the unaked hones, now weigh SOO0Ilbs.’ Time tihnbe aned fingers of thle left hand mi’dtho left fnot fronim the ankle to the toes are gone, ,but all the other parts are perflot. Verily, tlhero were giiants in those days )

The McIvor Times and Rodney Advertiser Heathcote, Vic. 1863 – 1918 Friday 5 September 1884 Next issue page 4

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