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Ten foot nine and a half


A Michigan newspaper reports the discovery of a gigantic human skeleton in a rock near the Sand Rapids. It says: “The hand is massive, measures 31 inches in circumference, is low in the us frontis, and very flat on the top. The femur measures 26 inches, and the fibula 24 inches, while the body is equally long in proportion. From the crown of the head to the sole of the foot, the length is 10 ft 9 in. The measure round the chest is 59 inches. This giant must have weighed at least 900 lbs. when covered with a reasonable amount of flesh. The petrified remains, and there is nothing left but the naked bones, now weigh 304 lbs. The thumb and fingers of the left hand and the left foot from the ankle to the toes are gone, but all the other parts are perfect. Verily, there were giants in those days!”

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