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Indian Graves in Concord. N.H. – In excavating recently , says Congretional Journal, for a cellar of a new house, a few rods west of the dwelling of Richard Bradley, Esq., at the north end of the city, nine skeletons of Indians have been exhumed in a space about ten feet square. They are suposed to be the remains of some of the ancient Pennacooks who once inhabited this region, and probably have been buried at least a century and a half. Among these were skeletons of six children. three of whom were around that of an adult, supposed to be their mother, and one very large, measuring six feet and three inches. The bones of this giant were of remarkable preservation. The skull is very thick, the teeth in both jaws are entire, and all of them double. The skeletons were found enclosed in bark, in a sitting posture, with some of their long, black hair still preserved. The bones of the children were much decayed. Dr William Prescott, of this city, has preserved the largest skeleton, which may be seen in the cabinet. – N.Y. Observer

How many people die with all of their teeth? How many die without any fake teeth, die with no fillings, chips or repairs? Its difficult to keep one row of teeth in perfect condition here we have two sets without flaws.

Six foot three is a big deal, because of the false statements that people were smaller than today’s.Some might say that there are people that have double rows of teeth today, and i would agree, however it would seem in the past this was more prevalent.

Double rows of teeth do not prove the existence of ancient aliens, space aliens, but it may be the characteristic of a pre-flood hybrid, whether a more recent giant descendant (Elioud), a descendant of Cain, or most likely a combination.There are people that would like to dismiss the claim, saying that “double rows” means worn down, or a row for each jaw. However, i think that the clue here resides in the unusual thickness of the jaws proposed to be double.  Let’s examine: “The skull is very thick, the teeth in both jaws are entire, and all of them double.” In the same sentence there is a conjunction of the subjects of a very thick skull and double teeth which means that the baby teeth were pushed back, and not pushed out.

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, Vol. 53 – 1856

~Chris L Lesley