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Champaign County’s Unusually Large Giants

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 Bones of Giants Found Under Soil West of Urbana

Sewerage Disposal Plant Workmen Made Find

Skeletons are of Ancient Origin
Charles McDargh Secured Bones and Has Added Them To His Collection of Relics.

The workmen at the sewerage disposal plant west of Urbana unearthed two skeletons Thursday afternoon of unusually large proportions. The steam shovel employed in the excavation tore into the bones bones and broke a number of pieces, but enough has been found to piece out enough of the bodies to show that the original possessors of the framework were of unusual build. The bones were discovered about two feet from the surface  of the ground between the soil and the gravel, immediately under the soil.

Charles McDargh, authority on and collector of such things went to the . . .

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