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The Indianapolis journal., July 15, 1889, Page 4, Image 4A Story to Catch Summer Tourists.
Boston Transcript.
From Helena, M. T comes the report of
a discovery of the relics of a pre-historio
man, unless they were only the property of
an aboriginal dime museum. A gold hunter,
the story runs, struck on a cave where lay a
human skeleton measuring nine feet sis NINE FOOT SIX
inches “long. The skull was a fe? inches
awajr from the trunk and between tho
severed portions were twenty-seven nug
gets of gold, from one to ten ounces in
weight and strung on a gold wire. Other
strings of nuggets of varying shapes and
weight were around the thigh, arm and
shin boiles. Besides this interesting liml
there was revealed a great room, cut from
the solid granite and containingtnany won
derful things. In view of tho diUicnlty
which would attend the shipment of a sea
serpent to Montana, this story is a very
clever conceit to attract the attention o
summer tourists.

~Researched by Chris L Lesley



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