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Moutcalm County Giants

Eleven feet tall

Skeletons of prehistoric giants Unearthed in Michigan mounds.

A Carson City (Mich) correspondent of the Detroit News writes that the remains of a forgotten race were recently dug up from the mounds on the south side of Crystal lake, Montcalm county. M

The Michigan area is the copper culture tons of copper have been mined from that area. An advanced culture that left giant five fingered and six fingered handprints. This is a pre-Indian culture that existed before the “Native Americans”. This area not only rich in resources but the lakes provide a strategic military barrier from would be invaders. These bones were examined by a doctor, no, doctors of the past were quite knowledge of human anatomy and measurements. As they measured hundreds of people and skeletons, possibly thousands. Education was better in the past compared to today. This skeleton is peer-reviewed. Peer-reviewed of its day, which is verified hard evidence. Here is a peer reviewed 11 foot skeleton verified by a professional medical examner. We can archive these giants in various ways, but the need for giant hunters is great. Giantologists and archivist needs people, everyone interested in this subject to research more in depth in their local area.

~Chris L Lesley

Research done by Rephaim23