Greater Ancestors

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Greater Animals

Rabbits greater ancestor! Devolutionary link found.

Giant Otters Discovered in China
The 18 inch cockroach

Ancient trees more than twice the height of the tallest giant redwoods?
Tree Trunk 40 Feet Thick is Only One of the Big Bend Wonders:

Giant Horsetail fossils – Devolution in Effect

Giant Tree from Thailand
Four foot TALL giant fossil Albatross
90 foot Plum Trees:
History’s biggest lungfish pops up in Nebraska
45 centimeter Mayflies in the fossil record

‘Giant penguins’ The Largest Penguin Ever?
One of 3 Giant Ant Species
The largest snake is not today’s Anaconda.
The fossa declares devolution not evolution!

One of 3 Giant Ant Species
Hey Rocky watch me pull a greater rabbit out of this hat.
Fiction? Hardly. Ancient history? Absolutely.

Giant cat track
Wombat The Size Of A Rhinoceros, Diprotodon, Found In Australia

An ancient huge hound found
Horse BlindersPenguins have been used in the military, but not these.
Largest Bear Fossil found yet!!!!
The Rare & Giant Trinil Tiger
The Giant Cheetah, a faster Cheetah.

Giant Jaquars . . . .Gooooo Jags!
Giant Zebra defies horse evolution chart! Equus Capensis
a 3-foot-long ancestor of the modern piranha.
“GIANT BIRDS” roamed – or flew above – the Earth at the same time as the dinosaurs.
The Greater Ancestor to ferns

Fossil Caviar or Giant Bacteria?
Giant Amoeba Tracks
The original Blob
The Greater “living fossil”

The giant snake of Mt Tsurugi
Austrailian Megafauna (partial list)
This should get your goose
“One of the Largest bats ever discovered!”
Greater Ancestor to Scarab Beetles

Giant Gavial the largest yet!

“Lizard King”, tuatara

Giant Fossil Algae 140x larger

Amazing Giant Cone Shell Fossil

A Mighty Spider Mite

Modern Coyotes much smaller than their Ice Age Ancestors

Giant Honey Bees

150 feet Sharks

Giant Fleas from the Mesozoic layer

Giant Panda, Change your name

The Giant Octopus: aka Kraken

Fossils of Giant Koalas

The Greater Ibex, Superior organism proves the term “modern” to be more primitive.

Giant Cranes: (Archaeology verifyng Paleontology)


TIKTAALIK an iconic Greater Ancestor

A giant Oyster Today???

Scientists have found evidence of a giant sand worm

The Incredible Shrinking Grouper!!!

Leakey’s Giant Ram!

The fossil “Godzillus” has government academia stumped!

Great Grandpa Moonrat

The world’s biggest ever tapir!

The Greater Ibex, proves the term “modern” to be more primitive.

Shrinking frogs, indicate evolutionists becoming enlightened by devolution.

Elephants are devolving to lose their tusks

Proof of shrinkage 1/6th Red Deer

Songbirds- Singing a shorter tune

The greater Killer Whale, Livyaton

Giant Crab Claw

The Scorpion’s Claw

Giant Scorpions Tracks Scotand

Endoceros shell 13 1/2 feet

Fossil remains of a Giant Iguana

Giant Coral boulders of Tonga

The killing of 90 Giant Baboons

A Giant Horse from El Salvador

The legendary Giant Hoof Print

A Hungry Hungry Hippo

How big was the Giant Sloth?

Mongolian Death Worm, not so formidable

Giant Armadillo from Brazil

King Snakehead

Giant Cup Sponge


Fossil of Giant Shrew found in Spain

Giant multicellular is Precambrian

Giant Worm, Big fish needs Big bait

When it comes to the Walrus size matters

40 Ton Oak Tree

Blue Whale NOT the exception!


Who’s Afraid of the Big Dire Wolf?