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Norman Oklahoma 6 Skeletons over Seven Feet Tall

Skeletons of Indians Over Seven Feet Tall


Norman, Okla., May 24 (U.P.) — Six giant skeletons of a strange tribe of Indians more than seven feet tall have been uncovered along the banks of the Washita River in South Central Oklahoma. Dr. Forrest E. Clements, head of the department of Anthropology of the University of Oklahoma, disclosed today.

The skeletons, all well-preserved, were found by Dr. Clements and members of his party yesterday. He believed the find might lead to the discovery of a race of Indians whose existence was unknown to anthropologists.

He estimated the race existed 750 years ago. Four of the skeletons were of adults, and two of children. Collapse of a section of the riverbank along the Washita 10 days ago led to the discovery. A farmer found a skull and notified authorities.

Even though this discovery was made in 1937, the implications of finding a tribe of Indians with such extraordinary height would still be significant today. The discovery of the six giant skeletons suggests the existence of a unique tribe of Indians that lived over 700 years ago in Oklahoma. The fact that these skeletons are well-preserved is remarkable, as it provides an opportunity for scientists and anthropologists to study and learn more about the tribe’s way of life, customs, and possible reasons for their exceptional height.

If these skeletons had not been lost or found in a museum storage somewhere, it would be a huge loss to the scientific community and a missed opportunity to learn more about the ancient tribe of Indians. The discovery of the giant skeletons highlights the importance of preserving historical artifacts and sites, as they provide crucial information about our past and offer insights into the development of human civilization.

Furthermore, the discovery of this tribe of giant Indians could have implications for the current understanding of the history and history of humans. The fact that these giant skeletons were found in North America suggests that the migration and settlement of human populations were more complex than previously thought.

In conclusion, the discovery of the giant skeletons of the tribe of Indians over 7 feet tall is a significant find that offers valuable insights into the history and evolution of humans. It highlights the importance of preserving historical artifacts and sites for future generations to learn from and shows that there is still much to be discovered about our past.

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