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Moltonborough Giant Skeleton


“A skeleton was exhumed in this town (Moltonborough)

some 30 years ago, of almost fabulous proportions. It was

buried in a sandy soil, on the shore of the lake, near the

mouth of a small river. It was apparently the skeleton of

a man some seven feet high- the jaw bones passing easily

over the face of a large man.”

There are also reports of 8 foot skeletons from New

Haven and Trumbull CT., Burrillville R.I. giant’s skeletons

in Northfield, Quincy, Chelmsford, Newton, Ma. Etc…

I also found evidence of the mound builder presence

beyond skeletal remains such as implements of iron and

copper. Moltonborough Giant Skeleton.

Moltonborough Giant Skeleton

Guide to the White Mountains and the Lake of New

Hampshire. Tripp and Osgood, 1850, pg. 17:

Research done by Jim Vierra