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Blaine County, Very Large Skeleton

Foley Abbott left the Pilgrim mine in Beaver Gulch, Idaho, the other day, to explore the steep mountain opposite, and came upon an opening in the side of the hill which he investigated. Making a torch of pine he went into the place, and after passing through a long narrow passage found himself in a large chamber with a smooth door perfectly dry and lighted by a brilliant flame in the center of the room. He approached the light cautiously and found to his unbounded amazement that the flame issued from the mouth of an image of a man made of what appeared to be silver, roughly formed. Mr. Abbot suspects that the workers of this crude sanctuary had discovered a gas jet in the rock and that there is communication down through the body of the rock through which the gas flows perpetually, indicating an abundant supply of petroleum under the mountain. There were a few heiroglyphs which Mr. Abbott could not decipher on the walls, and in one corner, a very large human skeletons with a stone tomahawk and mortar lying near.

As a researcher, I am dedicated to uncovering the truth about our past, and the existence of giants is one area that has been largely ignored and even dismissed by mainstream scholars. However, the historical accounts documenting the discovery of human skeletons ranging from 6’4″ to 14 feet tall cannot be ignored. These accounts offer invaluable insights into a world that was vastly different from our own and challenge our preconceived notions of what is possible.

From newspapers and journals dating back to the 1840s to the 1920s, there are countless reports of these larger-than-life skeletons being unearthed all over the world. Yet, despite the overwhelming evidence, these finds have been largely ignored and even covered up by mainstream historians and archaeologists.

The implications of these discoveries are enormous and could rewrite the history books as we know them. It’s time for us to start thinking outside the box and taking these accounts seriously. What if these giants were real? What if they once roamed the earth alongside humans? These are questions that cannot be answered until we are willing to explore the evidence and uncover the truth.

As a dedicated researcher, I am committed to doing just that. I will continue to scour historical accounts, explore archaeological sites, and connect with other like-minded individuals to bring the truth about giants to the forefront. It’s time for us to start taking this subject seriously and acknowledging the possibility that giants once walked among us.

  1. The Marion Star (Marion Indiana) January 11, 1883

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