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Middleboro Giant 7′ 8″

Middleboro Giant 7′ 8″ – Greater Ancestors

“A few years ago when the highway was straightened and repaired, remains were found. When his skeleton was measured by Dr. Morill Robinson and others, it was found that the thigh bone was four inches longer than that bone in an ordinary man, and that he had a double row of teeth in each jaw. His height must have been at least seven feet and eight inches.”

The discovery of the Middleboro Giant, a prehistoric skeleton measuring at least 7 feet and 8 inches in height, is a significant find in the field of anthropology and archeology. The fact that the giant had a double row of teeth in each jaw is an unusual feature that could provide new insights into prehistoric dental health. Additionally, the length of the thigh bone being four inches longer than an average man’s suggests that there may have been physical adaptations to support the giant’s size. This information could provide valuable knowledge about the evolution of the human body and its ability to adapt to various environmental factors. The preservation of this skeleton is crucial for further scientific research and understanding of our prehistoric past.

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