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laGrange Skeletons 8′ Tall


Indiana Farmer Finds Skeleton of Men Eight Feet Tall.

La Grange, Ind. – A prehistoric graveyard has been unearthed on a farm, and all are eight feet more in height. Hedrick bought the farm some years ago, and covering four acres was a mound 30 feet high, resembing a loaf of bread. The mound was built of gravel and sand, although the surrounding land is low and shows no trace of either gravel or sand. A roadway 20 feet in width led up to the top of the mound. When about twelve feet of the surface had been removed the skeletons were found. The bones are large in size and the teeth are highly polished and well preserved. Trinkets, ivory beads, a shield made of bone, and other articles were found in the graves. Hedrick will dig up the entire field in the hope of finding valuable articles.

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  2. We need more information on this article.
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