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Idaho County – Race of Giants

Finding of Giant Skeleton Beneath Salmon River Bluff May Bring Scientific Investigation

Excavations in the Salmon River canyon, in order to determine whether, beneath a huge bluff a mile above Slate lies the graveyard of a prehistoric race of giants which at one time inhabited what is now Idaho county, is expected to soon be undertaken. Perhaps by eastern scientists, following the discovery, in the bluff, of the skeleton of a woman, who was 8 1-2 to nine feet in height.

Harry Vincent and Lawrence Tipton, while employed on the North and South highway, discovered the giant skeleton, as they were excavating material for filling the road.

Suddenly, under the bluff which overlooks the roaring Salmon River, their grader struck an obstacle which proved stubborn. They dug for a short time, and finally, the skeleton was found. Some of the bones crumbled when exposed to the air, but others were in a better state of preservation and a few were retained by the men.

“The lower jaw more resembled a sheep’s jaw than a human jaw,” said Mr. Vincent in telling of the discovery. In the jaw were nine front teeth, and they much resembled ivory; Mr. Vincent related. They were in a perfect state, but there were no back teeth in either jaw.

Of the bones that did not crumble, the men retained the skull and one leg bone and one arm bone. Others of the bones were thoughtlessly included with the dirt and rock that was applied to the highway, and now form a part of the roadbed over which travel automobilists who traverse Idaho’s highway.

From the formation of the skeleton, it was pronounced as having been that of a woman. The bones were found beneath thirty feet of earth.

The bones that were saved have been sent to the Smithsonian institution in Washington, D.C., in order that scientists identified with the Institution may inspect the remains of this prehistoric human being.

It is deemed likely that as a result of the find, scientists will come to Idaho county and conduct an exhaustive investigation. Thousands of tons of earth will be removed, should the excavation be undertaken, and the history of the country will be thoroughly probed in the interest of science.

Mr. Vincent declared that even though no scientific party undertakes the work, he and Mr. Tipton have decided to dig in the hill that yielded the mysterious skeleton, in the hope that they may find more evidence of the race that roamed Idaho county thousands of years ago.

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