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Franklin County Skeleton of Prehistoric Giant

“Unigue Chert Hoes were found in Moraine, twelve feet below the surface, surrounding skeleton of prehistoric giant, height 7 feet six inches. Seen in museum of T. L. Dickerson, Brooksville.

Lets not take lightly that a man in the past was found to be 7 foot six inches. For years i looked at the height of the tallest basketball players in the NBA and it was always someone 7 foot 3 inches. At the current time 2016-17 year, there are only three players above 7’3″ :

  • Kristaps Porziņģis of the New York Knicks (7 foot three inches),
  • Walter Tavares of the Cleveland Cavaliers, (7 foot three inches)
  • and Boban Marjanović of the Detroit Pistons. (7 foot three inches)

So I need you to recognize that this skeleton is 3 inches taller than the tallest 3 basketball players in the nba. Not impressed? Well a skeleton over time can lose up to 3 inches in height as the bones dry out and shrink so now “in life” we are talking about an individual who was 6 inches taller than any current person playing in the NBA. If you were a scout for the NBA you would get the point. Mankind is shrinking. There is a genetic load that is accumulating, even our dna and cell size is shrinking. This is history, this is reality and we first need to recognize this pattern, observation and data collection is the key to the scientific method.

~Chris L Lesley

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