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Washington County 7′ Skeleton

No less than Seven Feet Tall

I was fully prepared to discovered from all the previous indications, the remains of a human skeleton of uncommon magnitude, extended in a bark shell, which also contained, an earthen urn,  or rather pot of earthen ware, which were several small broken bones and some white sediment. The vitrified, rings of like a rummer glass, holds about two gallons, has a top or cover of the same material and resist fire completely as iron or brass; 2. Astone hatchet with a groove round the pole by which it was fashioned with a withe to the handle; 3. Twenty four arrow points made of flint and bone, and lying in a position which portrayed their having belonged to a quiver. 4. A quantity of beads, round, oval and square, colored green, black, white, blue, and yellow. 5. A conch shell decomposed into a substance like chalk. This shell is 14 inches long and 23 inches circumference; 6. Under a heap of dust, and tenuous shreds of feathered cloth and hair, a parcel of brass rings cut, by an art unknown to me, out of a solid piece of that metal. Each ring is three inches in diameter, and has a horizontal circumference of an inch wide, of both sides of which are strongly etched a variety of characters resembling chinese, the the decipehering of which many scanty erudition has no pretentions to reach. Of the skeleton I have preserved a small part of the vertaebral column; a portion of the skull; a part of the under jaw, enclosing two grinders of great size; the bones of the thighs and legs, and some metacarpels of the hands and feet. The ribs, clavicles, vertabra of the neck and spine, & were nearly an impalpable powder. Judging from comparison and analogy, the being to whom these remains belonged could not have been less than seven feet high. , . . .

The remarkable size of the skeleton would signify that the Indians of every time were fond of associating in the chiefs, physical as well as mental endowments. That this king should unite a gigantic forum to wisdom and intepredity of heart appears to have been ever their favorite principle. Even betray this passion in their choice, and pay much more deference to a prince of inordinate stature than to one of common magnitude.

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