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Deerfield, Eight foot Monster

eight foot monster:


“At the foot of Bars Long Hill, just where the meadow fence

crossed the road, and the bars were placed that gave the

village its name, many skeletons were exposed while

plowing down a bank, and weapons and implements were

found in abundance. One of these skeletons was described

to me by Henry Mather who saw it, as being of monstrous

size — ‘the head as big as a peck basket, with double teeth

all round.’ The skeleton was examined by Dr. Stephen W.

Williams who said the owner must have been nearly eight

feet high. In all the cases noted in this paragraph, the

bodies were placed in a sitting posture, facing the east.”


Deerfield, Eight foot Monster

George Sheldon’s 1895 The Town History of Deerfield,Ma. Volume 1, page 78.

Research by Chris L Lesley

Sure there are eight footers today, out of 7 billion people there are only 3. We are looking at a time when there will be no 8 footers in our lifetime.  Eight footers in even small quantities do damage to the credibility of evolutionists. Predictions are that there should be hobit size people in the fossil record but they prove to be too far and in between. Eight footers come a dime a dozen in ancient times, there is practically one for every state. The Greater Ancestor revolution has come and evolution must unroll out of the way.

~Chris L Lesley