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Torrence County -The Petrified Giant of Abo Pass

Petrified Man

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The Evening Statesman. (Walla Walla, Wash.), Volume 31, Number 19, 09 July 1904.


Immense Petrified Man


Discovered in New Mexico Was a Giant in Stature.

Albuquerque (N. M.) Democrat. The giant of Abo Pass, or at least a portion of that historic personage, is now in Albuquerque. He is not in a museum, nor is he in a coffin, although he is very decidedly a dead one. Instead, that part of him which is in Albuquerque is suspended by a wire from the

wall of the office of W. L. Trimble’s Second street livery stable, where yesterday a number of well known ethnologists examined him. and pronounced him the real thing. That portion of the giant which has been transformed from the original resting place is the head complete, and the neck to the shoulders. W. L. Trimble and F. E. Sturges. the discoverers of tlie head, tell a remarkable story of its discovery and transfer from the pass to Albuquerque. Several weeks ago these gentlemen made an overland trip to Abo Pass to *cc the work on the Santa Fe cutoff. While driving through the pass one day, thus runs the story, Mr. Sturges espied a queer looking rock sticking out above the ground, and called his companion’s attention to it. Mr. Trimble immediately pronounced it a human skull, and in another instant both men were down on the ground making excavations around the rock. They found it not only a human skull, but also a solid petrification of an entire human body of great size, imbedded in the solid rock. For hours the discoverers toiled with their prize. They borrowed a crowbar and an ax and CUI i way the hard flint formation around the head. After working three days and three nights without food or drink they brought the head unbroken from its age-long resting place. Mr. Trimble wanted to go on after the rest of the body, but Mr. Sturges protested that it would be cheaper to import a set of ail – drills and shoot it out. So they marked the spot and came away, bringing the head with them. It is a .remarkable specimen, whether genuine or not. The head is that or ft giant, with perfect features and having a distinctly Ethiopian cast of countenance; the neck is massive, and the veins and muscles are perfectly outlined in the rock. Even portions et the teeth show where the rock has worn away.

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The Evening Statesman. (Walla Walla, Wash.), Volume 31, Number 19, 09 July 1904.

Davenport Daily Republican – Sep 9, 1904

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