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Double Harpoon 52lb and 55lb


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t someone strons snouith to swim:
1’ it. it would likely make a. very
‘ noticeable impression on
head of a. whale.
Dld some dusky denizen. of the
wilds in the Stone Ase. B0018
prehistoric human. wield t
tornmlsbls weapons on the s
‘1 of tho grizzly bears which iniizht
l,tllspute the kill? Or perhaps
.- upon the skull at some tiPlKllb03″
-ling tribesmen on occasion?
Owner Pumlera Question
. These questions form interest-
.lug food for thought. and ltir.
lliichnrdson. who has devoted his
‘u-hole lifetime to the collection
‘of interesting Indian relies.
,spsnds his spare iinie in ponder-
ing on the tales these stones
could tell. it only they could
‘ .\lr. Richardson had his 03-‘8
on the lighter colored stone for
ltwo years. he says. but the im-
mense size of it kept him (or
-some time from believing that
tusns as n wonpon. Then some
:time later he tound the other
it this instrument had a handle :
the I it could have been used by hu–‘
mlmlnd. he says. that they must
have been used by men of mum-
ntoth stnturo as weapons ot war-
fare sometime in the dim past
line Largo Collection
when he was 10 years old
iliir. Richardson started collect-
ling arrow tips. and he has de-
voted his life since to this
pastime. Now he devotes ll. large
out-building to his collection.
which contains about 50 large
specimens. and countless smaller
ones. There are gorgets, bird
stones. antuiets. pesties. rllnts,
bsnner stones. arrow and spear
hoads. and two Indinn plows.
1 One interesting specimen is a.
small flat stone covered with
lhierogyphic signs in Indian
fashion. and another is an egg-
slmped charm stone. perfectly
smooth. and only slightly larger
than an egg. This was probably
some medicine men’s charm.
Then there is a gorget stone.
a small flat black stone. very
thin. with two entail holes drill-
ed through it, with 22 scalp
notches cut in the due.
0 There are two varieties of ar-
row heads. those with notches
back of the point. and those
without the notches. Those with
the notches were used in hunt-
ing. and were for the purpose
jot tnstening the tip on securely
in warfare the tips without the
notches were used. so that when
.the shaft of the arrow was putl~
ed from the body the head
land more pox-feet, 510313. and qf. ‘would remain inside and poison
tter weighing and comparing the ‘U19 “1 U!!! M l¢h8-rd 0 an 3-
‘ – e doubt in his

Double Harpoon 52lb and 55lb

The Owosso Argus-Press – Nov 26, 1927

Research done by Rephaim23



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