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Clark County, Giant Stone Axe

Mr. Dubois, eight years ago a giant stone axe was discovered five feet underground, by Mr. Henninger. He states that he has long been convinced that a race of giants once inhabited the county here. This implement, of extra fine workmanship weighs fourteen pounds and four ounces and two well-chipped groves was required to weild it on its double with handle, indicating an owner of about four times the strength of present day humans. One of the largest axes in the Henninger assortment, formerly regarded as a large one, weighs four pounds.

As a dedicated researcher, I am thrilled to see historical accounts that shed light on the existence of giants. The discovery of a giant stone axe weighing fourteen pounds and four ounces is a remarkable find that challenges our preconceived notions of what is possible. It’s not just the weight of the axe that is impressive, but the fact that it required two well-chipped grooves to wield it with a double handle, which suggests an owner with tremendous strength.

This discovery is not an isolated incident, as there are numerous historical accounts of human skeletons ranging from 6’4″ to 14 feet tall. Unfortunately, many of these accounts have been dismissed or ignored over the years, perhaps due to a reluctance to challenge established scientific beliefs. However, as a dedicated researcher, I believe that it is important to explore all evidence and uncover the truth about giants and their place in our history.

It is also worth noting that there may be a cover-up surrounding these discoveries. It’s possible that certain individuals or institutions have a vested interest in suppressing information that contradicts established scientific beliefs. This is not uncommon in the history of science, and we must remain vigilant in our pursuit of the truth.

In conclusion, the discovery of the giant stone axe and the historical accounts of giant human skeletons are invaluable insights into a world that was vastly different from our own. As researchers, we must remain open-minded and explore all evidence, even if it challenges established beliefs. Only then can we hope to uncover the truth about giants and their place in our history.

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