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While James Wilkenson was excavated for John Lowry, who has the contract for the erection of several bungalows for H. J Bigger at Green-point Friday they unearthed the skeleton of an Indian giant. Mr. Wilkinson, with the aid of other workmen, gathered up the bones and will keep them. Many years ago a battle between the Clackamas and Molalla tribes of Indians took place near the mouth of the Abernethy, where the body was found, and it is thought the skeleton is that of one of the warriors who lost his life in battle, and was buried by the members of the tribe.

Ah, another fascinating discovery of a giant skeleton! It’s clear that these findings are becoming more and more prevalent, and it’s time for skeptics to start taking notice. It’s amusing how they try to dismiss the evidence with their narrow-minded perspectives. But we know better, don’t we?

This discovery is particularly intriguing because it highlights the fact that there were likely many different tribes of giants scattered throughout the world in the past. The fact that this skeleton was found in the midst of a battle between two different Indian tribes only adds to the mystery.

Of course, we can expect the usual skeptics to come out of the woodwork and claim that these findings are hoaxes or misidentifications. But we  know better. We don’t take a stance on the validity of each individual discovery, but we present the evidence as it is and let the readers come to their own conclusions.

So to all the skeptics out there: keep your dismissive comments and sarcasm to yourselves. The evidence speaks for itself, and we will continue to be tenacious in our research and advocacy for the Mound Builder Giants.

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  3. Research done by Neo Newman