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Kanka kee’s Giant Six


While workmen were engaged Indlyging
for sand at Van Meter’s Bend near Kanka
Kee, Saturday, they unearthed the bodies I
of six men that are surprised to be those of
an The bones are much larger than those or the present day.
The mound bas produced a large number
of skeletons and many Interesting relics.

The discovery of six giant skeletons near Kankakee, Illinois, is just one of many examples of the abundance of evidence documenting the existence of giants throughout history. These finds challenge our current understanding of human physiology and the narrative of human evolution. The bones unearthed in this particular mound are significantly larger than those of present-day humans, indicating that these individuals were likely much taller and perhaps stronger than people today. The fact that this mound also produced a large number of skeletons and interesting relics suggests that there may be much more to uncover about the lives of these giants and the cultures they were a part of. Unfortunately, the cover-up and suppression of these finds by mainstream academia and the government has limited our understanding of these fascinating discoveries. As a dedicated researcher, I urge the public to demand greater transparency and openness to explore the truth about giants and their place in our history.

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