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Osage Giant Indians

Tulsa daily world., May 18, 1913, MORNING EDITION, Image 1

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Victims Were Apparently Indians
Bullet Hole Through Skull
Told Mute Story.
Tho skeletons of five men, appar
ently Indians, were uncuvered yester
day on the farm of Colonel C. B.
I.ynch, north of Tulsn, by laborers en
gaged In digging a cellar and sewer
ditch. News of the discovery was
brought to Tulsa by J. W. Syferd,
1 406 South Carson, who Is contractor
on the ecavatton Job.
The farm Is located two and one
half miles west and one mile north of
Tulsa, In the usage, nation. While ex
cavating for the baeemenl tho work
men dug up four skeletons. The
skulls wero all detached and there
was every Indication that the bodies
had been thrown Into a hastily dug
trench. The teeth were in pel feet
shape and white. None of them were
decayed. All of the skeletons bad
very large Jaw boftes, and long thigh
and arm bones. Indicating that the
men had been Indians of great size.
One skull found In the basement
had a bullet hole In tho front part.
No evldenco uf wounds were found
among the other bones.
In digging a sewer trench a short
distance from the basement excua-,
thin, another skeleton was found, and
the skulls of several others were
found stlcklpg out of the side of the
ditch, but were not uncovered. There
may be a dozen or more hodles In the
vicinity that have not been dug up.
That the Indians were burled there
a long lime ago was shown by the
condition of tho skeletons.
Old residents of (he vicinity are at
a loss to ‘account for the discovery.
They remember of no wholesale kill
ing In the Osage, and the slaughter
must hav taken place long before
civilization had gntton this far. It
was either a battle between warring
Indian tribes, or between Indians and
white men.
Perhaps a band of sturdy “sooners”
were ntta ketl by the red men, killed
and carried aw jy, but not before they
had thinned tho ranks of the attack
ing force. It Is not customary for
Indians to bury their dead hastily In
trenches, however, which shows that
there must have been cause for the
Indians leaving the place In haste
after firing had ceasd, and forced
them to throw the dead into trenches.

Osage Giant Indians



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