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Belt Mountains 9’6″ Giant

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In A Hole in the Ground

A HOLE THE GROUND. Story or Hunter in the or Every resident of Montana and many visitors to the famous Territory know that the Belt Mountains been the seat of mysterious stories, and that in their numerous gulches and canons have been picked up wonderful relics. Among the most curious are agatized human maxillaries and teeth, all of gigantic size. Gold in quantities has been found in the Mountains. and rubies. sapphires, and diamonds are shown as products of one or the other portion of the Territory.   The Helena correspondent of the Pioneer Press sends a remarkable story, accompanied by attestations to its truth. It was told by the gold hunter. He said that while the prospecting in the Belt Mountains in the ground. He found a peculiar depression in the ground. After excavating he discovered a mysterious cavern, reached by twenty-three steps.  “At the foot the stairs,”  on one side of the passage lay the skeleton of a man of  immense stature.
The skeleton measured exactly nine feet six inches in height. The skull lay a few   inches from the trunk, and between the two lay twenty-seven nuggets. They were strung a line of gold wire, and ranged ranged from one ounce to ten in weight. Around the thigh, arm, and shin bones were other strings of nuggets none of which weighed more than four ounces. . There were were about fifteen pieces of gold in the pile. They were of many different shapes.  None of them weighed over three ounces. and each piece had a hole in the centre. On each side of the skull i found some sort of precious stones. They lay in a tiny golden basket, and were evidently worn in the ears. I do not know what name to give to thembut i believe they were rubies.

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